The equity research fundamental analysis is a process which studies the true value of the shares of particular companies, industries or financial sectors. This is necessary in order to understand which shares are generating most revenue and returns for the investors, which shares are undervalued and which shares are causing losses. This can be done particularly to understand one sector of the share market or in a general manner. The equity research fundamental analysis need to be accurate and should be done by experts only.

Sample Equity Research Fundamental Analysis:

The following equity research fundamental analysis has been created for the 2nd quarterly (April to June) for the YUVCB Co. Ltd.

Analysis by: Zen X Analyzers Co.

Date: 3.4.2011

Purpose: To create a financial statement for the YUVCB Co. Ltd so that it can be released for the investors and potential investors of the company. All information published is accurate and assessment has been created keeping in mind the performance pattern of the past 4 quarterlies.

Research Overview:

  • Market Outlook: Favorable with a growth rate of 5% seen in the last quarter.
  • Net income returns: 23% of every $ 4 invested, as recorded in the last quarterly.
  • Share price favorability: $ 4 per share, generally accepted.
  • Premium share favorability: $ 8 per share, not a popular choice but yields higher return.
  • Growth Potential: By 13% in the next two quarterly.

Financial Forecast:

Investors are advised to invest and not sell for at least the next 3 quarters.


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