Job analysis

Job analysis is the collection of detailed information about the job. The collected information may include the duties and responsibilities, necessary skills which are required to perform a job. in this article example of job analysis for sales manager is discussed. Here the example of job analysis for sales manager is discussed.

Job analysis for sales manager

Recruitment sources include professional development organizations, sales conferences and job boards for sales representatives.

Physical fitness
To perform a sales job, he/she is expected to be personally fit. Sales representative should travel many places, in personal sales he/she should meet lot of customers per day and should travel long distances.

Rejection level       
Rejection is a section of sales job. High level rejection does not mean that he/she is an incompetent for a sales job.

Ready to work any day and any time
Mostly the sales representatives would work on weekends, when the customers would be free and available at their residence. So most of the personal sales take place on weekends. In industrial sales there would be calls in odd hours after office timings. Hence, he/she should be willing to work in any time

Finding the skill set
skill set varies from one sales representative to another based upon the nature of sales job and the type of service or product handled. There are some necessary skills which would be useful for most of the sales representatives.

Some of the skills are


Sales representatives should have self-motivation. It is necessary to keep the motivation levels high to get over any sort of discouragement that occurs when the sales get rejected. By using intrinsic and extrinsic motivation methods, organizations try to motivate their workers.

Rapid learner

Should have the ability to grasp and understand new concepts.

Effective communication skills

One should have an effective level of communication skills. Communication skills involve not only speaking skills but also writing skills and listening skills. Verbal skills are also important to speak out clearly with proper voice modulation and to convey properly.


Sales job involves in being in touch with the customers regularly, knowing about various services or products launched by the company and searching more number of sales opportunities. To perform all these tasks throughout the day he/she requires high level multi-tasking capabilities.

Positive attitude

Sales job requires the employees to have a positive behavior or attitude. It is said that positive attitude is a skill which cannot be inculcated through training. Hence, one has to develop positive attitude by over-self.

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