Excel data analysis can be of two kinds. It can refer to the use of excel software in collating the data gathered, or it can imply the use of excel in merely gathering data and providing the space to store large amounts of data in the form of posting sheets or spreadsheets and tables for graphs and charts. In the former case, the data analysis makes extensive use of excel whereas in the latter event, excel serves the role of a storing agent.

Sample Excel Data Analysis:

Name of project which require excel data analysis: Food habits of men aged 40-50 years

Project commissioned by: Health Council of US

Project conducted by: University of Denver, Department of Medicine

Approximate duration of project: 2 months

Use of excel software:

  • Excel will not only be used to create the graphs and charts which are integral to the project but also, its feature like Pareto analysis, will be used extensively to create a coherence in the vast amounts of data collected.
  • There are many add on packages which will also be used by me to enhance the abilities and usability of excel.
  • The various graphs and charts I will be creating will also be done with the help of excel.

Purpose of project:

  • To establish a link between the food habits of men within the age group mentioned and the commonly occurring health risks they face during this period of their lives.

Date of submission of excel data analysis report: 3rd July 2011

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