An Executive Assistant Job Analysis is one that determines whether the person assigned to this role possesses the ability to reflect strong problem-solving and decision-making qualities so that the role assigned is justified. The support offered by an executive assistance is of high importance to an organization and thus the candidate should maintain high levels of integrity while handling the confidential information.

Job responsibilities for Executive Assistant largely depend on the necessary qualifications, breadth of a candidate’s experience, and the level of trust he has acquired from his boss. Even the tactfulness and diplomatic attitude of the candidate provide higher responsibilities and thereby better job prospects for the candidate.

Sample Executive Assistant Job Analysis

Jack Stone – Executive Assistant (Director – Mr. David Fleming) Analysis conducted by: Fleming Associates Pvt. Ltd.

Jack Stone Analysis report presented by: Anthony Hopkins, Recruitment Head – Star Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of Executive Assistant Analysis:

  • To analyze if the assistant has high level of trust and maintains integrity of the vital information shared by the boss.
  • To measure how many leads suggested by him have translated to useful adaptation and financial benefit for the company.
  • Whether all the tasks were carried out under strict deadlines and nature of business keeping the confidential details closely guarded.

Executive Assistant Job Analysis breakdown in year 2013:

  • Billing hours utilization = 98%
  • Call Leads generation = 75%
  • Knowledge of upcoming projects to employees = Less than 2%
  • Satisfaction rating from Boss = 90%

The above report indicates that Jack Stone – Executive Assistant of Fleming Associates Pvt. Ltd. has carried out his job responsibilities with utmost satisfaction and has contributed a lot to the growth and business of the company. His efforts have provided lots of information to the management for quick decision making.

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