An external customer analysis is an important document that basically focuses on the needs, perceptions and responses of customers for, of and to a particular product. The objective of such an analysis is to maintain a direct link with the customers so as to earn their immediate feedback, soon after the launch of any product or delivery of some service.

Sample External Customer Analysis

Name of the product being analyzed: Samara Bikes for Women.

Analysis commissioned by: New York Motors.

External customer analysis created by: Mr. Roger Jo, Mr. Stephen Lee, Mr. John Bell and Miss Samantha Williams.

Date of analysis report submission: 3rd August, 2011

Purpose of analysis: The primary motive of this external customer analysis is to gauge the reaction of customers, mainly the female section of society, towards the launch of this particular product, so as to work on them for further development.

Procedure for analysis:

The analysis involved certain strategy tools being implemented for collecting client feedback. These involved:

  • Surveys on telephone: Around a 100 customers, pre-selected for the purpose, were called up a week after the launch of the bikes and the response of these ladies were taken down for thorough analysis that followed soon.
  • E-mail survey: Questionnaires were sent to all customers, involving a range of questions related to the product, via mail and most of them have answered completely.
  • Postal survey: All customers were also sent the same questionnaire in letter format, to their mailing addresses and asked to reply through letters.
  • Face-to-face method: This was subject to some 20 customers, randomly selected by the Sales officials, whose residences were personally visited by our team and their reactions, feedback and even complaints, if any, were collected and analyzed.

The external customer analysis report suggests the Samara Bikes to have done quite a profitable business.

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