Financial analysis template outlines the content of a process which helps to determine whether the project or business deals assigning by an organization is financially viable yet profitable or not. This kind of layout serves as an effective tool in analyzing financial conditions effectively.

Sample Financial Analysis Template

Name of the company__________________________ [mention the name of the company whose financial status is to be analyzed]

Financial analysis is conducted for the year ____________ to ______________

Financial report is being prepared by ________________________ [name of the person preparing the financial report]

Analysis report is to be submitted on _____________ [dd/mm/yy]

Factors that is being mainly emphasized on at analysis:

  • ______________[Name of Factor 1] _____________________________________________[ mention the findings related to factor 1]
  • ______________[Name of Factor 2] _____________________________________________[ mention the findings related to factor 2]
  • ______________[Name of Factor 3] _____________________________________________[ mention the findings related to factor 3]
  • ______________[Name of Factor 4] _____________________________________________[ mention the findings related to factor 4]
  • ______________[Name of Factor 5] _____________________________________________[ mention the findings related to factor 5]

Issues that is being highlighted on the financial analysis:

  • ___________[ name of issue 1] ________________________ [ elaborate issue 1]
  • ___________[ name of issue 2] ________________________ [ elaborate issue 2]
  • ___________[ name of issue 3] ________________________ [ elaborate issue 3]
  • ___________[ name of issue 4] ________________________ [ elaborate issue 4]

Conclusion ___________________ [State the conclusion effectively so that it would help the concern authority to determine the current financial status. This way they can plan the improvement, if needed, accordingly in a strategical approach]

Download Financial Analysis Template

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