A gainful employment analysis is a document which demarcates and pronounces those components of a job which precipitate in happiness and satisfaction of the employees. It is a part of positive psychology which stresses on the psychological components tuned to the work pattern. Thus the document has to be prepared analytically by scanning the duties and their implications.

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Gainful Employment Analysis

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Gainful employment analysis of teaching job

Gainful employment analysis set up by: Jack and Jill Montessori School

Analysis report prepared by: Clara Costa

Date of preparation: 8th August, 2011

The outline of the analytical findings on gainful employment at the Montessori level is provided underneath the individual sections:

1. Variation in work

The prescribed teaching methods include use of various audio-visual modes like charts, pictures, clay models and animated films which works in favour of the teacher’s productivity.

2. Working conditions

The rooms of the school building are air conditioned and well-ventilated with large open windows that provides safe physical environment and psychological security consequently.

3. Income

The monthly remuneration is kept at $20,000 for experienced employees and $18,000 for their inexperienced counterparts. According to sources, this gulf is negatively perceived as inequitable by some employees.

4. Purpose

The employees draw huge contentment from teaching and interaction with young children and remain committed to their job only for the purpose of this immense satisfaction. Educational progress of the society is considered to be the ultimate goal.

5. Resource

Some of the resources required in this regard like knowledge, skills and abilities are partly inculcated in the teachers during their probationary period.

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