A gender employment analysis is an exercise which surveys the role of gender in employment of individuals. It is a wide ranging and far reaching analysis which reveals a lot about the human mindset, as well as certain market stereotypes which may or may not conform to facts. For example, certain job sectors are more accepting of women employees than male and vice versa. These gender employment modules are analyzed in such an analysis and the trends unearthed are documented.

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Sample Gender Employment Analysis:

Gender Employment Analysis

Download Gender Employment Analysis

Name of agency conducting the gender employment analysis: Equality For All Pvt. Ltd [a non-governmental organization]

Date of submission of gender employment analysis report: 1st July 2011

Gender employment analysis commissioned by: Ministry for Women and Children, United States Labor Department.

Purpose of gender employment analysis:

  • To highlight the disparity between the genders with regards to employment in certain job sectors, and to try and understand the reasons for this gender employment disparity.
  • To highlight the plight of the LGBT community in the professional front,
  • To ensure that suggestions are included in the gender employment analysis report which are reflective of the current market trends, as well as useful and sensitive.
  • To ensure that the mindset in certain job sectors is changed slowly but surely as far as gender employment is concerned.

Process of analysis:

A number of specific job sectors shall fall in the purview of our analysis which will be conducted by experts in the field of Gender Studies, Women’s Studies and market leaders. The findings from these surveys shall be accumulated and processed in order to develop the bigger picture.

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