A General Manager Job Analysis is one that determines whether the person assigned to this role is able to increase efficiency and achieve effective management controls by communicating and upholding the vision, principles and strategies of the organization. He should have a keen eye for observing technical and financial opportunities and recommend his opinions on the investments that can help in growth of the company.

He should be instrumental in building company’s brand image in the market by collaborating with customers, government, community organizations and employees; enforcing ethical business practices.

Sample General Manager Job Analysis

John Webber – General Manager Analysis conducted by: Acute Bizworks Pvt. Ltd.

John Webber analysis report presented by: Bill Symonds, Recruitment Head – Stark Recruitment Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of General Manager’s Analysis:

  • To analyze profit generated in the first year of employment with the company in 2013 against the cost incurred in investments.
  • To measure work efficiency, employee satisfaction along the lines of customer satisfaction.
  • To judge whether John Webber has been able to project a positive image of the company in the market by ensuring timely quality deliverables.

General Manager Job Analysis Breakdown in year 2013:

  • Investment costs incurred: $600000
  • Miscellaneous Costs: $200000
  • Employee satisfaction increased by 40%
  • Customer Satisfaction improved by 25%
  • Profits reported: 50% y-o-y increase.
  • Employee head count increased by 10%

The above report indicates that John Webber – General Manager of Acute Bizworks Pvt. Ltd has been successful in achieving the objective of sustaining and contributing to the growth of the company by boosting the employee morale and customer satisfaction rate appreciably. He hence is an excellent candidate who is fit for this role and has the great potential to deliver consistent results year after year. His contribution to the growth of the company has been thus quite healthy and must be rewarded.

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