A global analysis is a kind of an analysis which is conducted keeping in mind the global range, effect and result of a certain event, happening of occurrence. This type of an analysis is done to examine the various components of an occurrence and identify the main points and results. Certain types of Global analysis are conducted by companies to study the global impact of certain product launches and music launches etc as well. A sample of one such global analysis has been given below for your reference purpose.

Sample Global Analysis

This global analysis has been conducted by: Timothy Mobile communication

This global analysis is presented and executed by: Henry Markson and Jack Fredrick

Category of analysis: Global impact of Samsung Mobile phone launch

Nature of analysis:

  • This analysis is conducted to study the impact and effect of the launch of the latest Samsung handset called Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • This analysis is conducted to examine the share of market occupied by Samsung after the launch of this handset and the competition it has posed to other major players like Apple, Nokia and HTC.

Methodology followed:

  • This analysis is carried out by collecting data of market share of various mobile phone brands in the world after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • These figures were compared with the figures of the market shares of the concerned mobile phone brand and then the changes were recorded.
  • Based on these results, the impact of the launch of the handset is studied and analyzed.


  • Samsung Galaxy S4 has proved to be a winner as compared to other handsets.
  • Samsung has surpassed its earlier opening collections of Galaxy S3 phone with the launch of this device.
  • Samsung surpassed the current market shares of Apple and Nokia.

Global analysis to be presented to:

Martha Peterson

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