Health care data analysis is a document based on the data collected about the formative factors in a health care milieu. It quantifies the informational background of a hospital or healthcare source banking on which certain studies are made and that is substantiated in the analysis document. It serves a certain purpose if contemplated objectively and logically.

Sample Health Care Data Analysis

Name of the health care institution in question: Divine Diagnostics

Year of establishment: July, 2009

Health care data analysis compiled by: Lauren Peck, Doctor

Source of data collection: A sample of 200 family members of patients used to conduct the data analysis

Method of data analysis: Combined (qualitative and quantitative)

Ground: It is directly associated with the success gained by the institution in providing ambulatory services to patients. It is executed with the objective of establishing the faults in the service and in the medical items per se during the journey.

An overview of the data analysis has been presented in the following:

1. 50 out of 200 respondents have reported being dissatisfied with the service and the reasons cited by them are as follows:

  • 10 respondents – late response and delayed arrival of vehicle
  • 10 respondents – malfunctioning or overworking AC
  • 30 respondents – non-availability or shortage of oxygen cylinder

2. 150 out of the respondents have been positive in their responses depicting great level of satisfaction among them with the services and the reasons cited by them are as follows:

  • 100 respondents –fast and efficient driving of vehicle
  • 50 respondents – 24-hour nursing service available on drive

Remark: Excellent



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