Health care industry analysis is a document which underscores the market components and proportions of the health care industry. It basically furnishes the quantitative or qualitative data related to the market dominated by the health care sector. The challenges of the industry are critically presented in it so that they can be substantially overthrown with suitable measures and actions.

Sample Health Care Industry Analysis

Health care industry analysis commissioned by: State Analysis Board (SAB)

Health care industry analysis of: New City, US

Health care industry analysis done by: Fulmer Garfield (leader), Gorge Rosenthal (assistant), Herr Dryden (assistant)

Health care analysis presented on: 5th October, 2011

Components of the Health Care Industry that is being analyzed:

1. Employment: The health care industry generated huge scope of employment and recruited about 1000 jobs as wage workers to the deserving youths of the county and will continue to do so.

2. Healthcare facilities: About 70 health care organizations make up the health care industry of the concerned place and that has contributed heavily to the facilitation and development in the health care services.

3. Technological systems: The medical technology and scientific advancement has not yet reached the place unfortunately and hence the recent modes of treatment are still not explored by the physicians of the county hospitals.

3. Nursing: Education and training on nursing is provided in many of the private hospitals as part of in-house learning. However, for superior quality of nursing, candidates should approach the government training schools.

4. Economic concerns: Cost of services keeps swelling and price of machines continues to grow creating insecurity and uncertainty in the economic genre.


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