Health care policy analysis is the critical summation of the strengths and weaknesses found in the health care policies of an organization. It mainly outlines the promotional features of the healthcare apparatus underplaying the depreciative components and emphasizing the appreciable parts. Thus the report should be compiled intelligently without placing undue weight on all the components.

Sample Health Care Policy Analysis

Name of the health care organization: Health is Wealth

Name of the person writing the report: Dr. Julius Scott

Analysis validated on: 6th June, 2011

Premise: This analysis is to create a concrete and critical evaluation of the policies adopted by the institution in January, 2011 subsequent to the reports published by a leading health journal about the incidence of deaths due to various illnesses increasing in 2011.

Purpose: It is to provide substantive suggestions on how the policies can be improved and how to handle customer apprehensions in this context.

Health Care Policies

The rationale used in creating the policies presented here was corroborated with the studies published:

1. Vaccination policy was adopted for control against colon and cervical cancer besides the usual vaccinations against polio, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

2. Breastfeeding was also promoted through breastfeeding policy to motivate young careerist women in breastfeeding their babies.

3. The pharmaceutical policy to erase the unethical activities centering development of medicines was also taken up. It focused on plant use in the concoction of medicine formulas.


These measures were found to be nearly appropriate for the situation considering the mental upheaval of the general population and apprehensions in the medical world.


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