Health care analysis focuses on the treatment and curing strategies of an institution or a string of institutions of a particular place. It scoops out information related to the benefits of the health care system and deficiencies in them to aid in suggestion of improvement in health care. Thus the document should be compiled by incorporating the major details.

Sample Health Care Analysis

Name of the institution: Life and Health Clinic

Nature of institution: Run by Morrison Trustee Board

Health care analysis done by: M. Morrison, Committee Head

Date of analysis presentation: 9th December, 2011

Context of analysis: The health care facilities and services have been impoverished greatly due to the insufficient funds and resources in the trust. As a result, the institution is highly affected and is not able to bring itself to face the situation that has led to a series of repercussions among the patients and their families.

Motive: This analysis has been presented to inform the government about the problems that the health care unit and patients have to deal with on a regular basis that should be acted against urgently.


1. 10 doctors and 13 Group-D staff have resigned from job due to our inability to pay their salaries and benefits entirely. This has led to a precarious decline in the number of practicing doctors and attendants in the organization.

2. We are running out of money to even operate the existing medical tools and X-ray machines.

3. Patients are deprived of wholesome health care facilities, and they are economically not sound to resort to private hospitals.

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