The health impact analysis is an integral process wherein an initiative is taken to develop a health program that seeks to assess the impact of certain circumstances within the environment and specific to the individuals concerned.  This is done for various sectors including housing, transport and agriculture. The impact analysis works on creating certain strategies in order to gain insight on the effect of certain issues related to the health.

This also thoroughly examines the plans and policies affecting the health projects using different techniques and qualitative and quantitative methods. Data is collected and assessed and this process requires an expert who can correctly gauge the situation and offer remedies if and when required. This helps in decision making concerning prevention of any hazard towards health. There will also be improvements and alternatives offered in order to prevent any kind of diseases and also promote good health. This analysis helps in ensuring that good health is prevalent in various sections of society.

Sample Health Impact Analysis

Project: Evaluation of the effect of Carbon monoxide released through car emissions.

Regional Area:  Springfield, New Orleans

Biosphere affected: Air

Research type implemented: Based on evidence

Analysis Summary:

The residents of Springfield, on 3rd August, 2010, had experienced a high level of carbon monoxide which was later attributed to the heavy traffic followed within the city. This was studied and investigated in Monolith Hospital, Springfield during the air pollution hazard. Similar studies have been found dating back to 5 years ago.

The increase of this impact has been reported to be more that 30% which has also resulted in higher chances of respiratory issues especially asthma.  The mortality rate has not changed much, however. The impact has been published and routine investigation has been ordered to see further adverse effects of this air pollution situation within the concerned area.

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