The health problem analysis is a process that is taken up by the medical institutions or other welfare organizations for the purpose of assessing certain health problems either affecting individuals or the community as a whole. This analysis is essentially done on the interest of the people and society. The analysis contains details about the particular health problem that may or may not be risky to the society or persons.

The process checks the contributing factor of this health problem and examines whether the source itself is hazardous to health or not. This is a tedious process and is essentially done not just through medical examinations but also through surveys distributed across the particular affected area. The analysis takes up certain strategies that will help in effectively finding out the reason for the health problem. The goal is to clear out any such dangerous health risks and ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Sample Health Problem Analysis

The WHO has been notified on 2.3.2010 about a new viral fever that has affected at least 20 children in Auburn, California.

Health Problem has been identified as: VV Virus 11

Affected Individuals’ Status:

  • None of the 20 affected have suffered any fatal symptoms.
  • Most have shown fever and sore throat.
  • 5 children have shown red spots on the hands and legs.
  • The virus is infectious and the 20 children have been kept under isolation and observation.

VV Virus 11 Analysis Report:

  • The virus is affecting only children and hence those over 17 are safe.
  • The same immunity vaccine used for VV2 Virus will be used for this as well.
  • The red spots have been stated as allergic reaction to a medication prescribed during the original contamination.
  • The children are stated to recover in another seven days or so.

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