Health analysis is the process used in assessing the determinants of health and health conditions on a large scale. It is a well-designed report of all the health and health care domains that is useful in treating abnormal health. Health factors may include conditions at all functional levels of the individual, that is, metabolic or physiological, corporal or physical, emotional or psychological and spiritual or philosophical. Thus the platform is huge and the components to be covered are innumerable.

However the document should be written with only the major elements in mind or the ones that are actively participating in the phenomenon.

The analysis should be processed considering the following important things:

  • The background and context of the analysis is very important as health practices and healthcare access of people depends largely on their economic status, social networks, educational learning and cultural preferences.
  • The purpose of the analysis should be understood first in order to draw the executive summary along that line so that the motive of the entire effort is established successfully.

It is very important to mention the name of the analyst and the date of the report so that the concerned person can be consulted with for clarification of doubts.

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