A home market analysis is done for the purpose of comparative market analysis on the concerned property so as to get an idea of the actual list price that is valid for the property. The data is generally collected from a brief review undertaken at the market. This kind of evaluation is highly important for a wise investment.

Sample Home Market Analysis

Home Market Analysis of the house owned by Mr. Charles Adams, North Wilburgs Street, USA

Date of Submission: 7/1/12

Market Analysis commissioned by: Anne Stewart

Purpose of the analysis: The main purpose of the analysis is to check the price listings of other similar houses in the area of 2, North Wilburgs Street, Palm Avenue, USA 5023235.

Factors considered:

  • Due to the location of the house being at an extremely favourable position with the availability of airport and shopping complexes at stone throw distance from the house; the price range with which it could be sold is also quite handsome.
  • Taking into consideration the present condition of the house, the price could be quite decent. The total area of the house is enviable and all possible facilities are available that makes the home an ideal commodity worth sale.
  • The price must be considered keeping the range within comparable limits so that it matches the market value and becomes the first choice of the buyers.


The house could be repainted, if possible in order to make it more desirable for buying. The house could, otherwise, be sold for decent rates in the market.


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