Hotel competitor analysis involves identifying one’s competitors, analyzing their business activities, policies and profitability and thereby tracing their strengths and weaknesses so as to exploit them to derive one’s own competitive advantage. The most common mode of hotel competitor analysis is the SWOT method, wherein one analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of one’s competitors and attempting to turn them for one’s own business advantage.

Sample Hotel Competitor Analysis

  • Hotel competitor analysis prepared by: Sara Ellis, Business Analyst, Happystay Hotels.
  • Date of submission of analysis report: January 14, 2012.
  • Name of the company: Happystay Hotel.
  • Location: New York.

Business description:

The Happystay hotels have been in the business since March 2005 and have a reputation of being one of New York’s leading line of hotels. They have been granted a five star and are accompanied by a two hatted restaurant that together provides tourists the ultimate holidaying experience. The hotels offer customers a splendid view of the Hudson River and are known for their excellent hospitality services.

Hotel Competitor Analysis:

1.      Hotel Name: Touring Home Hotel

  • Strength: Excellent hospitality service, comfortable and cozy rooms, affordable prices.
  • Weaknesses: Food quality, cleanliness, staff behavior.
  • Opportunities: The hotel attempts to provide a homely environment to their customers to make them feel at ease and do away with their homesickness.
  • Threats: Location. The hotel is located in a somewhat remote area and may not be a preferred choice for tourists who would have to travel a long distance every time they wish to visit a spot.

2.      Hotel Name: Exotic Group of Hotels

  • Strength: Prime location, exotic ambience, amazing food experience.
  • Weakness: Expensive, room service, staff cooperation.
  • Opportunities: Their exotic outlook and ambience attract tourists looking for a fantasy-land kind of experience.
  • Threats: Hospitality service and staff behavior are something people expect the best during their stay. Complaints from customers regarding these issues are threat to the reputation of the hotel.

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