HubSpot is basically a marketing software designed to aid business organizations in generating inbound leads through  search engine optimized searches, social networking media, blogging, marketing analytics and marketing automation. The chief objective of the software is to channelize all traffic towards one’s business and thereby help them convert consistent website visits into sales. HubSpot competitor analysis thus allows one to assess one’s competitors and formulate strategies so as to turn their negatives into one’s own positives.

Sample Hubspot Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis commissioned by: HubSpot. Inc.

Date of compilation of analysis report: June 29, 2012

Name of the company: Stylewell Bags Company

Company website:

Website description: The official website of Stylewell Bags Company is designed to attract fashionistas of all age. The website gives a brief overview about the company’s business history and business policies along with a detailed description of all the products and services rendered. It also provides one with an online shopping option that gives the e-visitor the experience of virtual shopping through its wide range of selections and easy buying and return policies.

Competitors: The competitors that may encroach upon Stylewell Bags Company’s market share are as follows:

Œ  Company Name: Trendy Bags Private limited.

Website address:

  • Website traffic: 20000 visits per day
  • Traffic rank: 158
  • Blog posts: 59 per day
  • Facebook/ twitter updates: 258 per day
  • Indexed pages: 12540
  • Press releases: 13

Positives: Well designed, easy to access website.

Negatives: Poorly efficient server.

  Company Name: Traveleasy Bags

Website address:

  • Website traffic: 183000 visits per day
  • Traffic rank: 576
  • Blog posts: 33 per day
  • Facebook/ twitter followers: 2500000
  • Indexed pages: 412503
  • Press releases: 12

Strengths: Stylish products, durable and reliable quality.

Weaknesses: Online shopping facility must be made for tech savvy.

Ž  Company Name: Cool Bags Company

Website address:

  • Website traffic: 425000 visits per day
  • Traffic rank: 45
  • Blog posts: 47 per day
  • Facebook/ twitter followers: 142000
  • Indexed pages: 635214
  • Press releases: 7

Positives: Latest styles, affordable prices, easy to browse website.

Weaknesses: Online shopping payment method should be made more transparent.

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