An industry analysis format is a text providing the guidelines of how to prepare an analysis by incorporating the details of the industry in concern. It lays down the structure of the core elements of an industry for the industry to know which elements to bank on and which elements to cash in on.

Sample Industry Analysis Format

Name the industry which is to be analyzed ________________________

Analysis conducted by _____________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must provide the name and nature of the industry to be analysed. It must also provide the name of the organization that commissions the industry analysis. The name of the analyst along with his designation must be mentioned clearly so that he can be approached in case of further information. The quantitative nature of industry analysis must be stated as it is especially suitable for assessing the dynamics of an industrial setting.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must underscore the issues pertaining to the industry analysis. It must affirm the conditions prevailing in the market, the concentration of surrogate products and the threat coming from them, accessibility of resources conditioning the adjustment level of the industry, position of the purveyors of raw materials as well as the buyers of the end products to bargain and the market forces on the concerned industry.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must be about what conclusions are drawn from the study. The industry in question must be informed about the effects of its embellishments and the success rates of its strategies. It must also give a critical overview of the present scenario with respect to the functioning and planning of the industry.

Regarding any queries related to analysis submitted contact at ______________________

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