The industry data analysis is an important process that enlightens the industries or businesses of the conditions of the current industry market. This data analysis is required for business to develop different strategies.  The analysis makes a comprehensive study of the competitive nature of the market. It also analyzes and reports on the profitability of the market. The main objective of the industry data analysis is to know to what extent the industry can achieve profit and the factors that might deter the profit making capacity of the industry.

This process must be drafted professionally and must record the necessary details pertaining to the business firm. The marketing conditions that are reported need to be accurate. Slight errors can cause unbalance to the entire analysis. Marketing professionals are generally entrusted with such an analysis. The industry data analysis can take up a general or a specific approach depending on the main objective of the industry.

Sample Industry Data Analysis

The industry data analysis has been conducted for the YUIIL Co.

Name of Analyzers: YUNO DOIT Ltd.

Name of the Product: TGB Drill Machine

Code no.: 22311

Analysis date: 4.5.2012

Objective of the analysis:

To comprehend and asses what the possible profit can be earned through the product. The product is still in its production stage and this analysis aims to ascertain the profitability of the product through market research. This will gauge the positive or negative responses from the target market.

Market Overview:

  • Feedback: Positive by 5%
  • Market Share with comparison to existing industries: 33%
  • Profitability: 2%
  • Cost of Launch: $2.3 million
  • Company Stock Percentile: 0.8%

Analysis Data Summary:

The market launch of the drill machine will bring about revenue that is note able and will benefit in the over all development of the company. This will be a wise investment for the next 5 years.

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