An insurance analysis example is a theoretical framework guiding an insurance analysis report. It is based on the rudimentary elements of an insurance that are critically adjudged and declared in writing by professional consultants. The analysis is done using standard studies and methods and the document is laid down in an official and rigid manner.

Insurance Analysis Example

General analysis of the capital and economic structure of insurances

Analysis report created by: Daisy Destiny

Analysis report submitted on: 9th May, 2011

Analysis report commissioned by: Business Times Magazine

Type of analysis: Data analysis from surveyed sample

Summary of the analysis report:

Excerpt 1: The insurance agency has to be well prepared in dealing with insurance claims even when the premium gathered over the period is small. The capital amount should be adequate to foot the claims as they come.

Excerpt 2: The investors have to be careful about their investments and see to it that the return on them is safely assured, the rate somewhat satisfying the mathematical equations.

Excerpt 3: Uncertainty and risk liability should be minimized depending on which the surplus of the company would vary. Thus the profit held is not the same every year and measures should be taken for its consistency.

Excerpt 4: The costs should be correctly attributed and computed along each life insurance policy by calculating the marginal costs so that the company is not confronted with economic constraints at the end of policy year.


1. The cost functions should be indentified well for policy recovery.

2. The insurers should be well-versed in legal aspects.

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