Insurance experience analysis is way through which the insurance companies are able to gauge their experience in terms of the policies that are sold. There should be a detailed analysis of different aspects of the insurance policies that need to be kept into account. The first thing to consider is the claim analysis. This sees how effectively the claims are channeled and collected for every policy. There must also be the loss ratio analysis that needs to be done so as to measure the loss suffered for every policy against the benefits offered.

The lapse rate is also to be examined that shows how the insurance companies provides lapse period for every policy offered. The morbidity and mortality analysis needs to be made. This is where the beneficiaries need to be properly examined since insurance policies are not allowed if there are already high end risks associated with the individual unless the insurance is for specific severe conditions. The expense allocation also needs to be properly examined.

Sample Insurance Experience Analysis

The MET American Insurance is making its annual insurance experience analysis.

Analysis by: BYU Analysis Ltd.

Insurance Type: Dental Insurance

Date: 3.7.2012

The analysis has been broken down in to the following segments which are related to afore mentioned insurance policy.

  • Claims Analysis: The Dental insurance collects claims of about $40 per month for every beneficiary within the Ohio state.

75 % success rate has been observed.

  • Allocation Of Expenses And Expenses: Accuracy seen overall
  • Morbidity and Mortality Analyses:  The analysis shows at least low morbidity and mortality rate for the severe dental problems only
  • Loss Ratio Analysis: The loss ratio for the benefits against the claims is about 55% against the benefits.
  • Lapse Rate Analysis: Lapse rate is about 67% which makes it opted by customers.

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