Insurance market analysis is a broad process for analyzing any specific kind or whole insurance market’s progress. This is a way through which investors could analyze the insurance company’s financial ratios and their performance, operational efficacies and underwriting disciplines. Therefore, such kind of market analysis has to be drafted with utmost efficiency so that all the associated factors are rightly judged and loopholes in the insurance market could be eliminated profusely.

Sample Insurance Market Analysis

Health & Personal Insurance Market Analysis

Analysis Conducted by:

Jane Stewart

National Insurance and Financial Research Institute-USA

Date of conducting the analysis: 5th July 2011

Purpose of the Analysis: This is an annual research conducted for analyzing the operational efficiencies and performance of various insurance companies in the market. Moreover, to realize the need of the investors and upgrading the insurance policies offered by the insurance companies accordingly.

Insurances Analyzed:

  • Long Term Insurances: Due to high rate of violence and crime long term personal insurances plans are on high demand since last research. A profit margin of 2.8 billion has been acquired by the personal insurance market during this forecast period. However, it is 0.2% less than expected amount.
  • Health Insurances: Insurance market is anticipating more growth in their health insurance policies in recent years. It has crossed expected premium margin of 3.2 billion during this forecast period. However, with changing needs investors are looking for more health insurance plans that would also have long term coverage of different other diseases apart from life threatening ones.
  • Individual or Group Personal Plans: In last quarter a profit of 26% is being observed in these plans. Nevertheless, with rising living standard and declination of banking interest rate investors anticipate such plans which would offer long term personal accident coverage or returns after a certain period of time.

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