The insurance sales analysis is a method through which companies are able to examine the sales of the insurance policies. This analysis is a systematic process through which the insurance providers are able to assess whether the sales are being correctly handled. This is not about gaining profits or handling losses. The sales analysis is more to do with ensuring that the resources are being correctly handled.

This can be on particular issues that deal directly with purchase and sales of the policies, this could also be about certain insurances are being delegated to different agents or this could be about how different premiums and taxes are being handled. The analysis can be specific or general but the important thing to remember is that the analysis must be done in terms of the state approved terms and conditions. This is applicable for all kinds of insurance companies include the private ones.

Sample Insurance Sales Analysis

As per the Affordable Care Act, the following is an analysis conducted on behalf of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners with regards to the interstate health insurance offered in Ohio.

Dated: 5.2.2012

The NAIC will address three critical areas of insurance sales over the past 5 years in Ohio. This is with relations to the medical and health insurance sold within the state. The analysis is based on the sales record collected from all over Ohio and an average estimate has been made:

  • Interstate insurance will not provide lower premiums than the regular state insurances. Most insurance companies choose their own regulators.
  • Five percent of the policy costs are and will be part of the benefits offered by the insurance policies
  • Interstate insurance have lower benefits offered than state insurance
  • Insurance regulators are all limited in providing assistance to customers in case of interstate insurance.

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