The insurance statistical analysis is done by insurance companies to gauge the insurance policies and whether it is meeting the standard requirements for the beneficiaries concerned. The analysis takes into account the various data that are concerned with the insurance policy or the company overall. This analysis can also be a general one for similar policies of different insurance companies. This can be done for the private and government insurance policies.

The insurances offered by government companies need to meet the standards set in different states. The statistics that are collected need to be assessed as per the insurance that has been offered and provided over the particular period of time. It is important that this analysis is done accurately and avoid any sort of legal hassles. One of the advantages of the analysis is that this helps the company keeps track of the inflow and outflow of insurance policies.

Sample Insurance Statistical Analysis

MED Supplied Co. has hired YUIO Analyzing Traders for analyzing the recent Health Insurance offered.

Insurance policy: Life Co. Insurance

Type: For patients with specific kidney problems and dialysis support

Date of Analysis: 3.4.2012

Insurance Overview:

  • This is available to those above 60 years old
  • This is also available for those listed as kidney patients but are below 60 years
  • Those with income of $2000 per annum are applicable
  • Spousal support is not included in this


  • All with kidney problems and or above 60 years of age
  • Must pay premium of $34 per month
  • Covers some prescription drugs

Statistics Collected:

  • 70% of those within the plan coverage area have been able to successfully enroll and apply
  • Taxes, deductibles and also premiums are all collected accordingly by agents without delay
  • No legal hassles associated with this policy so far.

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