The insurance training needs analysis is a way through which the company is able to assess whether it is able to effectively imbibe the necessary qualities required in an insurance agent during the training process. The training process requires the company to brief the candidates on how one is to go about for every kind of insurance that is sold. This is not just for sales agents but also for different management levels within the company.

The analysis needs to be done in a systematic fashion. It needs to take into all the reports on the training over a particular period of time. The analysis needs to be done periodically so that the company is aware of the positives and negatives. There can be constant improvement made as a result and hence, help in making better and abler insurance providers and agents. It is imperative that the analysis is done carefully.

Sample Insurance Training Needs Analysis

Insurance Company: Stark and Light Ltd.

Insurance type: health Insurance

Training of: Insurance Sales agents

Period of training: 6 months; 4th April to 5th September, 2012

Aim: The analysis has been done to see whether the crucial areas of training have been covered and whether the agents have been able to imbibe the training given. This is also to identify the areas that need improving in terms of training.

Training Needs Analysis:

  • The training focuses on the details of the insurance policies and how agents are supposed to brief each customer about them.
  • The insurance agents are taught different ways of approaching through practical exercises
  • The agent is also provided with course books and other material that will guide him or her through the process
  • The trainers need to focus more on the practical exercises rather than the theorizing and course materials.

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