Internal business analysis is a document for analyzing the efficiency of the internal regulation of a business organization. This helps to determine the ongoing business process so that they could excel in customer satisfaction. Therefore, such a document should highlight all the indispensable aspects that are needed to be analyzed.

Sample Internal Business Analysis

Name of the business organization: Lindsay Garments Limited.

The analysis is performed by: The Garment Corporation- a non-profitable government organization works for analyzing the business performance of the existing garment and textile companies.

Date of issuing the analysis document: 1st June 2011

Tools used of analysis:

  • Documents of earlier analysis report collected, checked and compared with the recent one.
  • Feedbacks collected for existing, old and prospective clients in order to gauge the satisfaction level.
  • Financial documents are also analyzed in order to understand the financial improvement occurred since last analysis.

Business performance:

  • The internal business performance has improved comparatively which has been determined by measuring the current status of the organization.
  • Two new operation units have been started for more production and this made employment of huge number of employees.
  • It is making new garments that is actually in demand in the market and matches perfectly with the latest fashion trend.
  • New fashion designers and consultants are employed for improving the garment styling.

Business hindrance:

  • Adequate resources are not being provided to the employees on the newly expanded units.
  • Lack of sophistication in the machineries and internal regulation process which leads to improper management and employee dissatisfaction.

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