An internal customer analysis is a document prepared to measure the responses to a particular product or service, from internal customers, that is, customers who are within the premises of the company itself. Internal customers hence refer to employees, managers, executives, and even workers of the lower rank; that is, anyone who is working in the company and plays a part in its functioning is an internal customer, and their satisfaction levels ultimately influence the service they deliver to clients which is why the analysis is important.

Sample Internal Customer Analysis

Name of the company: Inceptions Pvt. Ltd.

Analysis done on: Employees of the Production Department.

The team of analysts included officers of the HR Department – Miss Roberta Jane, Miss Sylvia Gomes, Mr. Gerry Austin and Mr. Steve Anthony.

Date of submission of analysis report: 27th July, 2011

Product under analysis: The Ultra Music Audio System

Methodology of analysis:

  • The internal customers or the employees, as we know them, were first asked about their reaction to this particular product. The sales promo given to them was handled by the Marketing and Sales Department, that is, the service of one group of employees was being delivered to another similar group.
  • Many factors such as quality of raw materials, appropriate technologies and working systems, and the work environment also, influenced the production of this particular product and the employees’ feedback were collected regarding the success of this aspect.
  • The product and the services it claims to offer are all known to the production department employees and their response to them was collected and considered as last-minute improvement techniques to be implemented in the product so as to deliver the customers outside the company with the best services.

Final verdict: The product is pretty-well prepared to be launched, with a few technicalities to be incorporated, as pointed out by the internal customers.

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