An IT Business analysis is an analysis of an IT Company’s business. Any such analysis takes into account the past performance of the business and tries to predict its future run in the industry. An IT Business analysis also tries to determine the needs of the business organisation and the ways to solve its problems.

There can be many ways of conducting an IT business analysis and based on these ways, such analysis’ are categorized into several types like IT financial business analysis, IT operational business analysis etc. a sample of an IT business analysis has been given below for reference purpose.

Sample IT Business Analysis

 Timothy IT Company analysis

 RTY, Putney Street, London

IT business analysis conducted by: Greg Marwick (senior IT analyst)

Analysis conducted on: 30th June 2013

Analysis submitted on: 30th July 2013

Analysis submitted to: Paul Hardman (managing director)


  • To determine problem areas
  • To suggest possible methods to solve the problems
  • To analysis each department internally and devise ways to increase productivity of each of the departments.

Methods Used:

  • Internal review of each department
  • Review of past projects taken and profits and losses incurred on each.
  • Review of company’s major problems and problem areas.
  • Reallocation of duties.
  • Analysis of additional amounts spent by company
  • Review of company’s business travel trends.


  • The amount spent of business travel to be reduced by half.
  • Workforce to be strengthened
  • Reallocation of responsibilities and duties of employees of the finance department.
  • Appointing department managers.
  • Checking investment deals.
  • Improving marketing strategies, sales operations, and logistics department activities.
  • Improving quality of softwares created and produced.


Timothy IT Company needs to curb additional costs and improve quality of work to attract more clients. The HR department needs to improve hiring process.

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