Job analysis

Job analysis is a method of determining the nature of a job, study observation, describing proper information relating to the specific job nature. Job analysis mainly studies the position of the job but not the employee of the job. The results of job analysis may be used as employee appraisal during the performance reviews. There are several types of job analysis interview tips. Some of them are mentioned below.

Job analysis interview

Job analysis interview is a process of asking questions to both incumbents and supervisors either individually or in group setting. Job analysis may done by two types of interviews

  • Individual interview – done with each employee
  • Group interview – done with group of employees having the same job.

Job analysis is done by an employee who is familiar with the job, such type of interviews are called as technical conferences.

There are two types of job analysis interview

  • Unstructured interview – there will not be any prepared questions. In this the questioning is spontaneous
  • Structured interview – using the questionnaire the interview is carried out. Here the questions are predetermined and relevant to the job criteria.

Job analysis helps in the determination of training and development, skills required, equipment needed, working conditions, supervisions etc. The interviews for the job analysis are done for the current job holders, with the management and so on.

General tips for job analysis interview

Conduct the interview without any disturbance and diversion. Give a standard introduction and explain the purpose of the interview. A chance should be given to the interviewee to adapt to the condition and to the interviewer. A list of clear questions must be prepared. If the interview is conducted in pairs, the recording of information becomes simple

The interview should be completed within an hour. Actively respond to the answers of interviewee or employee. Also include background of interviewee when preparing interview questions. Try to not use the questions which are answered as just YES or NO. Interviewer should ask the employee about the performance of their daily tasks every day. Tape recorders are not considered at the time of interview.

Try to not use the questions which begin with WHY. Find out the tasks done by the worker. Avoid errors, avoiding errors is always good to interview. Try to prepare logical type of questions. Questions must be asked related to the work issues, responsibilities etc.

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