Job market analysis is a valid and scientific mode of determination of the number of jobs, kind of posts, and administration of salary and derivation of training content. It is a very important premise for just recruitment of workers by judging the context of the job.

Sample Job Market Analysis

Company seeking recruitments: HRM Cosmetic Company.

Job title: Marketing Supervisor

Job Market analysis held by: Jerome Del, head of the HR department of Gibson Consultancy.

Job market description:

A marketing administrator has to govern the marketing and sale of a product. The job market of the area where the company is situated [Wanton Extension, Connecticut] is inhabited by 40% young women. Therefore, there is an increased probability of sale of make-up products in the area. An absence of a competing cosmetic industry in the same region assures the fact that a smooth marketing without stiff competition is conceivable. The major industries of the area include a Germicide manufacturing company which can help in development and protection of the products being made. As a university providing courses in mass communication exists in the precincts of the region, qualified candidates can be expected for the post. The final selection depends on the combined results of interview and merit.

Academic certificates for the job:

  • A diploma or masters degree in Mass Communication with a specialization in marketing.
  • A minimum period of 3 years of expertise in the job.
  • Applicants with sizeable knowledge, open-mindedness, analytical thinking will be given due consideration.

Remuneration as per market rates: $56000 p.a.

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