The concept of job analysis can simply be defined as the activity to comprehensively define the structure of a particular job along with its features. This is done in order to project the job to the potential recruits as a god platform to begin or upgrade one’s career. The knowledge and skills required for the job are also mentioned in a concise manner.

From a broader perspective, it may include the following elements within its framework:

Focusing on recruiting the most efficient workers who would not only be mere employees but in long term would become assets for the concerned firm.

A thorough documentation of the intricate details that the job requires from the employees.

To restructure the process of recruitment and revamp the dynamics of labor management from a qualitative perspective.

Developing the models with objective of designing appraisal and promotion schemes taking into account the optimization process of labor efficiency.

The approach to a job analysis is necessarily qualitative but it does contain pertinent quantitative information. The data from of companies with more or less similar stature in business are used as one of the primary ingredients to perform a detailed job analysis.

The job analysis involves certain methods at the time of its processing; few of those are:

Preparation of questionnaires and using those as basic tools to gather information.

Extensive investigation of labor related incidents that may have some deep relations with the format or functioning of a particular job.

Conducting one to one interviews for an in-depth analysis of the job related dynamics.

The human resource professionals always stress on the importance of job analysis as it is one of the significant factors that drive the growth of a company. A solid job analysis always helps the concerned authorities with better business solutions in any stipulated time-frame.

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