Keyword analysis is one of the most important components of search engine optimization or SEO and is a practice of identifying those sentences and phrases which people type when they want to search something on a search engine. Keyword research is generally done by website builders and content writers so that they can develop and design the website and content in such a way that maximum people land on the page.

Keyword analysis focuses on two main things- optimization for traffic and optimization for conversation. Here’s a sample of a keyword analysis that can be used for reference.

Sample Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis conducted by: Sparks Marketing

Report presented and developed by: Paul Jacob and Mathew Henderson

Keyword analysis conducted on: Pearl Gadgets website

Keyword analysis goals and objectives:

  • To determine and identify the highest value local keywords for SEO and web development and design.
  • Find out the highest value pay-per-click local keywords by competition.

Methodology used for keyword research and analysis:

  • In the first step, all the keywords are evaluated to find the popularity.
  • The next step taken is to find out the keyword intent.
  • The keyword intent, if is similar to our intent then we say that the keyword has got enough popularity. Then the various variations of the keywords will be investigated further so as to find more useful information and variations.
  • This process is repeated to find the most popular keywords.


  • The pearl gadgets website is found to be SEO friendly as it consists of many keywords which are popular and help the site to be traced easily by typing different combination of words on the search engine.
  • The most common keywords include Gadgets, features, specifications, pixel count, under the hood etc.


Pearl gadgets website was analyzed for keywords and SEO friendliness and came out to be SEO friendly.

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