A literary analysis format forms the platform on which the literary analysis of a novel, text, book or poetry can be presented. It asserts the layout of a literary analysis so that all the elements and points are allocated equal attention and importance in understanding the work.

Sample Literary Analysis Format

Name the literary work that is to be analyzed _____________________________

Analysis prepared by ______________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must give elaborate information about the literary work, the author/poet of the work and the institution conducting the literary analysis. It must furnish the purpose behind conducting the analysis and the date of issue and submission of the analysis. The nature of analysis must be critical as literary analysis corresponds to an evaluation of a body of work.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must put forward the arguments concerned with the passage and mention the number of times the passage has been read to throw light on the fact that a deep synthesis has been done before the analysis was started. The emotional reaction of the reader must be taken into account as that would establish the genre to which the work belongs. A special note of the literary figures of speech must be made as these play a central role in enhancement of the story. References and examples must be given as evidences to support the arguments.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must give a proper conclusion about the literary work and suggestions for the readers. It must include how much effect the author has created through the story. The success of the writer depends on the conclusion formed from the analysis.

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