Lost customer analysis is a document that finds out the actual reasons for a particular customer or a certain group of customers withdrawing business with the concerned company or firm, by switching over to some other organization or completely terminating the use of the said product or service. Such an analysis helps to identify possible reasons for having lost customers and thus design methods of regaining their support.

Sample Lost Customer Analysis

Product subject to lost customer analysis: GenNext Laptops.

Analysis done by: Mitchell Group of Companies.

The analysis for lost customers was performed under the supervision of the Executive of the PR Department, Mr. Marc Stewart. The team of analysts included Serena James, Christopher Jones, Sam McKinley and Angela Jonathan.

Date of analysis: 5th August, 2011.

Purpose of the analysis:

The basic reason for conducting such an analysis is that quite a large number of our regular and trusted customers have withdrawn from any further business which have left our Research and Development experts worried as to why some of our esteemed clients had to discontinue and have thus conducted an immediate survey to analyze the possible reasons for the same.

Benefits of lost customer analysis:

  • It has not only helped to identify reasons of losing customer support but also to know which of the products and services are actually held in demand by the customers and which are not.
  • This has actually helped to devise ways and methodologies to overcome the shortcomings by filling up every small and big gap discovered from the analysis reports.
  • Such an analysis is actually economical as it aims at bringing back old customers rather than attempting to create new ones with some marketing policies.
  • It has helped in performance improvement of the company.

Solution for the analyzed problem:

We assure to win back the trust of all our lost customers by developing the software of the laptops and operating systems as well, to provide better and satisfactory results.

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