The market analysis is a process that can refer to both survey done on the consumer market of a company or the stock market performance of company or companies. This can be done internally by the company or by the hired professionals. This is fairly important for both the company and its investors who need to keep an account of the profit and loss of the company. There are certain factors that should be kept in mind during this analysis such as previous performance of the company in terms of sales and stocks, the present performance and probable future of the company’s performance.

Sample Market Analysis

The MNM Pvt. Ltd has hired QQPT Trading Analyzers to survey and examine the stock market performance for second quarterly (April to July 2012):

Purpose: The main aim is to update investors and potential investors about the performance of the aforementioned company. The account is neutral and states all information accurately. There are also future market indications which have been observed and noted to help investors with buying and selling.

Analysis Overview:

  • Performance of the 1st quarter (January to March, 2012): Share growth has been seen to increase by 3% from 23 to 26%.
  • Per share price rise/ fall: The second quarter has seen a fall in share price from $7 per share to $5.50 per share.
  • Future Probable Market Performance: Despite steep fall in the net income, there is an expectation of 13% growth due to the expansion into foreign market.



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