Market research analysis, as the term clearly implies, includes the assessment of the market for a particular product or service and the study of the clients and groups of customers, to ensure a strong hold of the brand, company or business firm in the respective market. The execution of market research and, more importantly, its proper and thorough analysis is a very important criterion for determining the success of a business and thus forms a crucial part of business strategy. The market research analysis also provides the advantage of gathering information regarding competitors in the market and planning accordingly.

Sample Market Research Analysis:

This Market Research Analysis document has been prepared on analysis of the market for mobile phones provided with the modern technologies of camera, media player, internet facilities, video recording, etc. The new product launched by the manufacturing company [name mentioned below] has been taken in view to study the market, potential clients, and the hold of its contemporaries in the market.

Name of the product: Intel 2074 Mobile Phone

Name of company: Intel Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Analysis commissioned by: Intel Companies and Jakarta Electronics

Analysis conducted by: Supervising Board of Software Companies

Date of analysis: 15th November, 2011

Details of Market Research Analysis:

  • Nature of the market: The market for Intel 2074 Mobile Phone has been studied from different aspects, which have been discussed in details below. The analysis has employed a number of technical methodologies and certain scientific tools for ensuring a thorough study of the market.
  • Share in the market: The Intel 2074 has earned a market share of 26% within the first two weeks of its launching.

  • Financial performance: A profit as high as $9850000 has been earned by the Intel 2074 model of mobile phone, alone, which is highly appreciable.

  • Customer feedback: The design of Intel 2074 has satisfied the clients well beyond expected levels and has hence received positive feedback.

  • Competitor status: This new model has moved way past its customers in winning a favourable market share, because of the highly sophisticated design and technological specifications that it specially provides.

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