Market sales analysis calls for a detailed examination of a company’s market sales. It involves identification of target customers, statistical studies of market sales records, a thorough investigation of the factors affecting market sales, prediction of company’s market sales in the near future and suggestions of ways that may help improving sales.

Sample Market Sales Analysis

Market sales analysis

Analysis conducted by: Richardson Sales Analysis Agency

Date of submission of report: May 14, 2012.

Name of the company: Coolwear Sunglasses

Product in question: Summer collection 2012 for sunglasses.

Date of product launch: April 2, 2012.

Product description:

The latest summer collection launched in April comprises of a host of cutting edge eye gears designed exclusively to braze the heat this summer.

Target customers:

  • Students and young professionals aged 16-28.
  • Fashion enthusiasts.
  • Workers having to work for hours under the sun.

Market sales report:

Statistics show that the latest summer collection, although having a disappointing first day response, have gradually picked up sales with the cool designs becoming an instant hit among the youth. The party wear sunglasses too have become quite a hit among the fashion enthusiast. However, the sunglasses are yet to make a mark among the working class customers.

Factors influencing market sales:

  • Customer friendly marketing strategies.
  • Cutting edge practical designs.
  • Clever, reasonable pricing.

Suggestions for improving market sales:

Although the products have been more or less successful to attract its target customers, more innovative and inclusive marketing strategies needs to be developed in order to win the favors of the working class customers.

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