A marketing analysis evaluation is a document which outlines the merits and demerits of a marketing analysis report, assessing its accuracy, preparation, research and conclusions in order to determine whether it is worth being pursued or not. A marketing analysis evaluation is conducted by experts in the field who can judge such a document for all its worth. The evaluation must also be presented in a cogent and informative manner.

Sample Marketing Analysis Evaluation:

Market analysis presented by: DCM AdSols. Pvt. Ltd.

Market analysis evaluated by: Synergy Corporations Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of market analysis evaluation report: 12th June 2012

Purpose of marketing analysis evaluation:

  • To determine the efficacy and benefits of marketing analysis report presented by various companies in order to approve and select the most comprehensive of the lot for further projects with Synergy,
  • To determine the factors on which future reports can be evaluated by.

Factors of evaluation:

  • To assess the merit and depth of marketing analysis and to determine whether it complies with existing marketing analysis tools or whether it charts new ground.
  • The quality of content, style of presentation, use of visual aids, validity of the conclusions drawn.
  • The accuracy of conclusions drawn, the detailed analysis of market trends and processes and the cogency of the argument in the marketing report overall.

Marketing Analysis Evaluation:

  • Do you think the marketing analysis brought out the shortcomings that are needed to be reconciled by the authority?


  • Do you consider the marketing tools used to be beneficial?




Marketing Evaluation

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