A marketing analysis example is a document which contains the findings obtained in such an exercise, presented in a neat and easily understandable manner. The marketing analysis example must be supported by graphs, charts and other aids which can explain the inferences of the analysis in a better manner. The marketing analysis example must prove to be a guiding document for other similar documents, and all efforts should be made to compile it thoughtfully, in a well planned way.

Sample Marketing Analysis Example:

[The following is an extract from the marketing analysis presented by SEG Ads. to Giovanni’s Instant Italian Pvt. Ltd.]

Name of product: Giovanni’s Pasta

Producer of item to be marketed: Giovanni’s Instant Italian Pvt. Ltd.

Date of product launch: 12th January 2012

Purpose of marketing analysis:

  • To determine the nature of the target market based on gender, sex, lifestyle, and income.
  • To determine the competition in this field for instant food products, and then locate the nature of the target audience vis a vis the competitors.
  • To predict the response of the target audience to the product.

Nature of the target audience:

  • Our chief target audience is adolescents and youngsters aged between 13 to 22 years. They are most likely to be consumers of instant food, and our easy to cook procedure will attract this target audience group.
  • We hope to sell our product to break even by the end of 2012. It shall be available at various departmental stores as well as in our outlets in Indianapolis and Minneapolis

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