A marketing analysis format is a documentation of the correct and systematic method of marketing analysis of a product. It is undertaken by experts who are entrusted with the task of investigating the conditions prevailing in the market at large. This helps the organization in long term planning and decision making.

Sample Marketing Analysis Format

Marketing analysis conducted by: _____________________________

Date of submitting the analysis report ____________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must specify the product, its features and properties. The use of the product must be stated with respect to the standard it belongs to and the objective purpose it serves in the market. The orientation of the manufacturing company must be included as it is correlated to the reason behind assigning the task to the analyst. Data furnished by empirical sources form the basic platform upon which information about the market is achieved. The nature of the analysis is, thus, quantitative.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must provide the details of the analysis. The methods of investigation must be mentioned and the results indicated by them. Information related to the market values, product quality, market trends and total revenues and losses incurred by the market, which form the crux of the analysis, must be provided.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must wind up the whole procedure in clear unambiguous terms for the commissioning agency to form a conclusion about the state of the market and the growth of the company in future. It must be comprehensibly written so that the analysis succeeds in resolving all uncertainties and queries put forward by the concerned company.

For further details/clarification contact _________________________

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