A marketing analysis template is readymade document which is used as a support to formulate a marketing analysis. The exact structure is provided in the marketing analysis template that proves to be helpful and resourceful for the analyst. It has to be sensitive towards construction of statements and ensure optimum provision of details about the analysis. A marketing analysis is necessary to determine the fate of a product, expansion of business, investment plans, remuneration of workers and product management.

Sample Marketing Analysis Template

Marketing analysis conducted by: _______________________ [Mention the name of the organization conducting the marketing analysis]

Marketing analysis commissioned by: ____________________ [mention the name of the company applying for the marketing analysis]

Product whose marketing analysis is required: ___________________ [Mention the properties and uses of the product whose marketing analysis is being conducted]

Product is manufactured by: _______________________________ [Mention the details of the company producing it]

Purpose of marketing analysis: ___________________________________________ [Mention the purpose of marketing analysis like making business plans and sale of the product]

Factors to be considered while evaluating the market conditions of the product:

  • Market size: __________________________________
  • Growth rates of the product in the market: _____________________________
  • Current trends of product use: ____________________________
  • Revenues earned by the company from sale: _____________________
  • Current rate of the product: ________________________[Mention the price of the product]
  • Market sectors: ______________________________ [sectors promising best opportunities]
  • Present competitors of the product: ____________________________ [Mention the status of sale and marketing of competing industries]

For more information and details contact: _____________________________ [Provide a valid contact number]

Download Marketing Analysis Template

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