Marketing competitive analysis is a vivid description of the company’s major competitors on the basis of issues that determines the direction of flow of the revenues. It is based on a thorough survey of the market that would enable one to infer the major industries threatening the services of the concerned organization in the market share and an in depth study of their marketing strategies so that the firm may be able to frame their plans accordingly.

Sample Marketing Competitive Analysis

Name of the Organization conducting the analysis: Exotic Travels Private Ltd.

Major Competitors: Nature Travel Agency, Tourist’s Paradise Travels, Homely Travel Company, Joy trip Tours.

Marketing Competitive Analysis:

Host          Competitor A              B              C              D

Organization Size:       56 staffs    60 staffs         42 staffs            36 staffs           63 staffs

Market Share:            563$         865$               432$         364$         923$

Growth:             43%          56%                 35%          28%          69%

Funding:            Self       Federal aids              Collective shares     Self     State, sponsors

Target Markets:  Youth      Family (all ages)     Professionals          Family Youth

Marketing Strategy: Innovative    Traditional           Target oriented   Traditional  Creative

Strengths:           Reputation    Media Coverage       Connections        Reputation        Freshness

Weaknesses:            Low flexibility        Efficiency   Conventional       Low staff        Reputation


  • The threats posed by the above mentioned competitors should be heeded and proper strategies should be adopted to address those problems.
  • Perks and incentives like better lodging, airline and fooding facilities should be offered to attract customers.
  • The range of the target customers may be increased. Special packages may be designed for specific customers in order to trigger growth of the company.
  • The prices should remain under affordability range of the masses. Since the target customers are youth, special plans may be designed to cater to students and young tourists.
  • Investment must be done in advertisement, media and industry connections must be built to foster growth.
  • Since the company’s reputation is one of its major strengths care must be taken to see that quality services are rendered and its name is not salvaged.

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