Marketing analysis is not successful unless the external analysis is complemented by a well conducted internal analysis. Whereas the external analysis focuses on the limitations and opportunities revolving round the organizations’ working ambience, the internal analysis concentrates on the company’s strengths and weaknesses and suggests ways that would help in holistic improvement of the company. Marketing internal analysis therefore reviews all the functional aspects of the company and provides an objective impartial assessment of the organizations’ operations resulting in positive growth of the company.

Sample Marketing Internal Analysis

Marketing internal analysis conducted by: Rose Soap Company

Date of launching of the product: 12.08.2009

Founder: Jean Marshall

Current C.E.O: Peter Polidori

Product History:

The soap was first launched in the year 2009 and has been an instant hit in the American market for its intoxicating fragrance and herbal constituents. It was founded by Jean Marshall and remained their family business for two years. However, with its rising popularity and demand, it soon attracted attention of big business firms and its stakes were bought by Naturella Company which then came to be known as Rose Soap Company.

Current Internal State:

Although as the name suggests, the product was launched with the fragrance of rose, with increasing demands the company has invested in producing more floral perfumed soaps to keep its demand among women of all ages and classes. The company is also known for signing iconic celebrities as their brand ambassadors so much so that entering a deal with this company has become a prestigious affair even among the celeb circuit.

Internal Price Regulation:

The selling price of the products vary from 0.5-2$ in these years. Several combo offers or discounts are also offered from time to time to keep it within affordable ranges of the masses.


The product faces fierce competition from other contemporary soap companies namely, Lovely Cosmetics Group and Beauty Soap Firm. However, this threat is kept at bay by smart marketing strategies and maintaining the quality of the product.

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