Medea is a classic penned by ancient Greek genius Euripides. The play revolves around a woman named Medea who happens to be the protagonist of the literary piece. The Medea literary analysis would have to be conducted by an individual who would have a thorough knowledge of the play, its setting, nature, and characters, and can thus perform the analysis efficiently.

Sample Media Literary Analysis:

Name of the piece of literature: “Medea”

Genre: Greek Tragedy

Written by: Euripides

Analysis done by: Henry George

Professor, Department of English

Florida University of Literature

Date of submission of analysis: 7th January, 2011

Discussion of various analysis criterions:

  • Reading of the plot: The play has been read thoroughly and the scenes have been clearly understood before analyzing the play.

  • Characterization: Apart from Medea, the protagonist of the drama, the nature of other characters such as her husband Jason, Creon, the king of Corinth and her daughter Glauke, and others have been studied for analysis.

  • Settings: The setting of the drama Medea is very unusual from other Greek plays, which makes it all the more special. Medea is set in Corinth and not the usual Athens.

  • Literary elements: The drama is very well replete with extraordinary literary elements such as symbolism (towards the end where Medea goes on to murder her two young sons), allegory, imagery (image of feminine revolution), etc. The tone and diction of the play has also been set appropriately.

  • Critical analysis: The relentless protagonist the audience witnesses in Medea is what makes it attractive although her ruthlessness and unique nature of getting away with a murder without any form of repercussion disturbs the play. Medea is a timeless feminine figure of revolt, who wants to break the shackles of a male-dominated society and can hence fall down to the extent of killing her own blood. What makes Medea an amazing piece of work is the fact that Euripides has presented Medea as a horribly flawed character rather than a pure-hearted heroine.

  • Similarities and references: The character of Medea is comparable to that of Lady Macbeth, from the Shakespearean play “Macbeth”, who would not give a second thought to revenge and murder and would execute it fearlessly. In addition, both of them have been portrayed to have won over motherly affection and emotional instincts.

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