The medical analysis example highlights the essential requirements for conducting such an analysis. This can be done for any number of reasons and the approach can be specific (pertaining to one medical institute) or general (dealing with niche medical sectors). The purpose of such an analysis is to determine and understand certain relevant medical issues like disease control, medical treatment etc. It also deals with the marketing and investment aspect where the analysis tries to determine whether the sector is collecting revenues or suffering from losses. The medical analysis is useful in collecting the required information which can further help in improvement of the concerned sector.

Sample Medical Analysis Example

Medical Analysis: Billing Equipment used in Medical Facilities of Minnesota

Analysis by: FINANCES R US Co. Ltd

Date: 12.5.2012

Aim: The objective is to assess the billing technology used by the hospitals and clinics in Minnesota and to evaluate whether these are effective and beneficial to the facility concerned.

Billing Technology Used: 230X Bill Generator

Date of Implementation: 5.7.2009

Last Update of Software: 2.12.2011

General Overview:

  • The cost of implementation of the 230X Bill Generator was $23 million.
  • The efficiency of medical billing has increased by 5 % since 2009.
  • Number of Minnesota clinics using this equipment is 34.
  • Employment rate increased by 4 % making it a total of 24% since separate operators are required for this technology.
  • This has also resulted in generating medical bills that are better understood by the patients and insurances agents.
  • Maintenance and repairing facilities have been adequately provided.

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