The medical data analysis is a study of particular information or observation of a medical experiment, subject or survey. There must be a proper statistical approach given to such an analysis. The data that is recorded must be properly stated in the analysis report. This can be of various kinds of data such as infant mortality rate, specific diet of certain social group, new medicine effects on a limited number of individuals or some other relevant medical issue. The objective of the analysis is to determine certain specific elements pertaining to the medical topic selected.  This is highly effective in determining the usefulness of the data collected for future medical purposes.

Sample Medical Data Analysis:

The given medical data analysis has been created for RKMC Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Data Analysts: TYC Radicalized Analysis Ltd.

Date: 4.5.2011

Medical Data Analysis for: Studying the effects of XY Drops on 99 individual test subjects.

Objective: To determine whether the newly constituted XY Drops can be introduced as the common cure to nasal blockage by the end of 2011.

Data Collected:

  • The 99 subjects cover different social groups and age groups suffering from nasal blockage. The medicine is to be tested on all to ensure its common safe application.
  • The XY Drops were used twice a day for a period of 5 days.
  • 97 out of 99 subjects are willing to apply the medication for future occurrence of common cold.


  • 97 individuals have reacted favorably and have been cured of their medical issue.
  • This is to be avoided by those with eucalyptus allergy.


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