The medical image analysis is a document which records the evaluation made for the medical image technologies. This deals with computer technology which is concerned with robotics, biomedical imaging etc. The analysis takes into account the science of medical imaging, the techniques of acquiring biological images and the different processes involved. These medical images are largely derived from ultrasound, x-ray, and optical microscopy technology. There are certain ways to approach the analysis; that is, from a medical and scientific point of view or from a marketing and financial perspective. The data that is acquired can be used for many purposes such as technology improvement or for a complete change and modification to the concerned technology.

Sample Medical Image Analysis

The following is a conducted Medical Image Analysis for the Ultrasound machines used by St. Patrick’s Hospital, Chicago.

Analysts: RPMC Analysts

Date: 4.5.2012

Objective: To determine the effectiveness of the ultrasound machines used and to ascertain whether any new technology or an upgrade is to be implemented or not.

Number of machines: 5

Operators: 15 [3 for each machine]

Analysis Summary:

  • Model Type: TYX Ultrasound machine
  • Date of Introduction: 23.6.2009
  • Last Update: 2010
  • Machinery maintenance: Periodic (every 6 months)
  • Incidents of Errors:
  1. Miscalculation of cysts stone for patient no. 4556 (in 2010)
  2. Irregular imagery produced for patient no. 3445 (in 2011)


  • Urgent need for upgradation of software to the latest 2012 model.
  • Change in operating staff to be implemented as soon as possible.
  • Introduction of 5 more machines are required.


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